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Contemplating cosmetic surgery?

Come to Budapest, Hungary for your cosmetic surgery treatments

Clinical excellence at affordable prices

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We offer state of the art affordable cosmetic surgery in the heart of Europe

If you are keen on plastic surgery take the time to see why so many people chose our premium clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery.


Breast cosmetic surgery treatments

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We are not an agency!

At CosmeticDirect you contact us surgeons directly and discuss your needs. No unqualified third parties. This way you get professional advice regarding cosmetic surgery and save on extra agency fees.


Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons

Our team members are sought after board-certified plastic / cosmetic surgeons. We are based in one the largest and most modern cosmetic surgery units in the country. The unit is ISO certified & is housed in a large city hospital.


Easy to reach, UK consultation

Budapest (known for its dentistry and cosmetic surgery) is located in the heart of Europe with easy reach from all European capitals. Consultation can be arranged in the UK if necessary.



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Cosmetic surgery in Budapest Cosmetic surgery in Budapest Cosmetic surgery in Budapest Cosmetic surgery in Budapest



Why CosmeticDirect?

Private Cosmetic Surgery Private Clinic In BudapestIf you think cosmetic surgery could help you finally achieve the image you desire then we can offer you a unique service.

- gain DIRECT access to highly qualified cosmetic surgeons with international experience

- expert cosmetic surgeons will help you make the right choice

- affordable cosmetic solutions tailored to your particular needs

- direct 24 hour access to your cosmetic surgeons following your treatment

- many common procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, face lift etc. carried out routinely

- many surgeons with UK experience, GMC certified and Royal College of Surgeons members

- no compromises when it comes to the well-being of our patients

- no charge for any additional services provided (lab tests, commuting, etc)

- you only pay for the actual cosmetic surgery in question, NO ADMINISTRATION FEES



Hajni (25) about our breast reduction procedure

03 September, 2012.


I'm a young, a bit plump girl, but my breasts were pretty big so I looked like a mother with three children, besides it was more and more painful for my back to carry the weight. I was told by many that I will regret the breast reduction surgery and that other women always want to have bigger breasts. Well, I haven't regret it ever since, and I'm very grateful to CosmeticDirect. The treatment was excellent, and my breasts are beautiful. I've got my self confidence back and finally I feel like a normal woman.

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